Top Secrets About Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo has recently released its brand new addition to Pokemon series- Pokemon Sun and Moon. This 3DS compatible game possesses so many advanced features as compared to its predecessors and changes appear to be more revolutionary this time. We can say that Pokemon Sun and Moon is the best formula to boost popularity of Pokemon series with more positive outcome as compared to past 2 decades. Most of the Pokemon lovers might be interested to know about the reinvention added to this series. Let us talk about some of the most interesting features of Sun and Moon:

  1. The Pokedex:

You might be aware about this essential item of almost every trainer’s toolbox. It has been included in Sun and Moon gaming platform too but will function like a map to provide you a location track of your next Pokemon. It will give you ability to scan the QR codes to get information about your Pokemon. You must download pokemon sun and moon for android soon to gain access to its amazing set of features.

  1. Z-Moves:

The Mega Moves gained huge popularity over Pokemon X and Y series and the interesting thing to know is that you will notice them in Sun and moon with little evolution. This time a crystal based mechanism has been added to these moves. Players will be able to access a unique device named as Z-ring that can hold Z-crystals. These powerful crystals can be later used to make super moves on gaming platform. Note that, you can use one Z-move only once during one battle but a player is able to carry 6 crystals at a time.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Download

Pokemon Sun and Moon Download

  1. Battling:

This time, you will find the Pokemon battles more funny yet engaging. With some added features and qualities, it is now possible to act like an experienced fighter against all challenges. As in earlier versions of this game, you need to spend time for making selection of right move against a challenging situation. But in this recent update, all moves are added to chart as per their effectiveness and your preferences on different situations.

  1. Wild Pokemon:

The pokemon sun and moon free download series possess less tedious but dynamic gaming platform. The wild Pokemon feature allows a character to use “call for help” feature at difficult situations. He can cry out in the middle of encounter to gain assistance from other Pokemon.

  1. Battle Royal:

Although, you will not find any new multiplayer feature on Sun and Moon platform but this world possess new modes that are more interesting. One can make easy moves with their current player base: Battle Royal. Each player is able to carry three Pokemon into battles and match comes to an end only after a player loses all its Pokemon in fights. The winner will be announced on the basis of remaining Pokemon at the end of the battle. Battle Royal is considered to be much hectic as compared to old modes and it demands proper strategies at every next step.

Other then this you will be able to access a super cool “care” feature, Pokemon rides for fun along with a highly focused story line. It is time to get your pokemon sun and moon apk for android and start your journey to real adventure.

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