Top 7 Trial Captains in Pokemon Sun and Moon

There are lots of things that have been revolutionized in Pokemon series with latest update of Sun and Moon pair. You might have observed those added terrains, Z-moves and the new forms of older pokemon that makes everything more interesting for players.

In all past versions of this game, you might have spent lots of time in collection of gym badges, fought your battles against eight powerful gym leaders or may have tried hard to gain access to Pokemon League. This time you will not be able to access any gym and the Pokemon leagues are also under construction. But the amazing news is that you will find Trial captains and Island Trials on this platform. You will soon be able to meet totem pokemon on both platforms and will definitely love their quirky unique personality. Simply! Great and full of fun!

Here are few details about top 7 trial captains of the Pokemon Sun and Moon series:

  1. Ilima:

Meet the first trial captain of this series that can boost your adventure on gaming platform. It works as a trial captain in Verdant Cavern and is able to work with normal type of Pokemon. During battles, he will show many dramatic personality traits but you will find them interesting. Some of you may also find him boring due to few lazy features. When you have access to Ilima, you will find time to initiate battles against Alolan Rattata or Yungoos as per your game version. Along with the glorious hair of ilima, you will also love its powers and incredible speed.


  1. Sophocles:

This fat bratty mechanic is found as 5th trial captain in your game. He is the owner of Festival Plaza and his trial is a specially designed trivia contest. The sad part is that this captain can be easily beaten up as compared to all previous Totem Pokemon.


  1. Mina:

You will definitely love her personality; she is a new age artist that is stuck to a single job even after being so boring. She has a fairy type team that includes some of the best matches as Ribombee, Wigglytuff, Shiinotic, Granbull and Klefki. She is cool enough and possess impressive personality but loses many points just because of missing trails.


  1. Mallow:

It is your 4th trial captain and is one of the happiest captains you will meet during your journey in this game. He is a grass type Pokemon specialists that often stays in a cheerful mood and is well known for his amazing sense of taste. You will find all his trials very funny and the totem pokemon well known as Totem Lurantis is one of the potential enemies in this gamin world.


  1. Kiawe:

Kiawe is a cool lovable dancer and his style closely resembles with the traditional Hawaiin tricks. All his trials are designed to test the observation skills of player but you will definitely spot the differences so easily. Although his trials go so silly but still you will enjoy the relaxing journey with this captain. Totem Salazzle works like powerful opponent to this game mode so you have to prepare well.


  1. Acerola:

Acerola is so adorable. You will love to observe her energetic moves, pretty smile and in game activities. She is a royal blood creature and wears classic tattered rags- it definitely makes her one of the cutest character of Pokemon sun and moon series. Totem Mimikyu is going to create trouble at this game stage so it is time to get prepared for a good fight.


  1. Lana:

There are so many interesting things to know about lana that make her favorite captain of all gamers. Her sense of humor and impressive design makes everything cool in your game. You have to face many challenges in her trail session including Trial Wishiwashi.


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