Things You Need To Know About The Pokemon Sun And Moon Game

Are you curious to know about the Pokemon Sun and Moon game? Are you excited to play this game? Here you will find all the answers of your questions. This game represents the 7th generation of the Pokemon series. It is going to be released by Japan for the Nintendo 3Ds handheld game. In this game, you will be play the role of Pokemon trainer who will interact with the pokemons during training.

When this game is going to be released?

It is confirmed by the Nintendo that the release date of this game is 18th November for North America and 23th November for Europe.

New features:-

  • An online battle mode is provided which can be played by four players at a time. The winner is decided by the number of pokemons captured and lost by the pokemon trainer.
  • Pokeride is another new feature of this game. Various pokemons will be there to help you in finding the location of the place given in the map.
  • This game will be available in nine languages. With the help of this feature, the conversation between pokemon trainers can take place easily.
  • Another important feature provided by the Pokemon Company is Pokemon bank. In this feature, players can transfer pokemons from the original trio to moon and sun.
  • All pokemons will have their own unique Z-moves. They can use these powerful moves once in a fight. To utilize these moves, you have to collect Z-crystals from the Alola islands.
  • Some new pokemons are to be introduced like Oricorio, Lurantis
  • This game will also feature some new Alola forms.


Legendary pokemons:-

There are two legendary pokemons for this game i.e. Solgaleo and Lunala.

  • Solgaleo: It is a steel type sun lion pokemon.It has metallic body that protects it from the attack of the opponent.
  • Lunala: It is a ghost type moon pokemon. It uses shadow shield to get protected from the opponent attack.


Starter pokemons:-

You must be excited to know about the starter pokemons. You can choose one pokemon as a starter pokemon out of the three pokemons. The following three pokemons are:-

  • Popplio:-
    It is a water pokemon having capability of producing water bubbles from its nose. He uses this power for attacking its enemies. It looks very cute also.
  • Rowlet:-
    It is an adorable grass pokemon. This pokemon looks like an owl. This pokemon attacks its opponent by using powerful kicks while flying in the sky. It has a “leafage” move. You can get an idea about this move by its name i.e. it uses leaves as its weapon to attack enemy.
  • Litten:-
    It is a cat looking fire pokemon having fur which is extremely flammable. It attacks its opponent by using flaming hairballs.


You can also refer Rotom pokedex that will provide you all the other information about the pokemons. It is expected that the demo of this game will be released in the month of November.

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