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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Top Secrets About Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo has recently released its brand new addition to Pokemon series- Pokemon Sun and Moon. This 3DS compatible game possesses so many advanced features as compared to its predecessors and changes appear to be more revolutionary this time. We can say that Pokemon Sun and Moon is the best formula to boost popularity of Pokemon series with more positive outcome as compared to past 2 decades. Most of the Pokemon lovers might be interested to know about the reinvention added to this series. Let us talk about some of the most interesting features of Sun and Moon: […]

Things You Need To Know About The Pokemon Sun And Moon Game

Are you curious to know about the Pokemon Sun and Moon game? Are you excited to play this game? Here you will find all the answers of your questions. This game represents the 7th generation of the Pokemon series. It is going to be released by Japan for the Nintendo 3Ds handheld game. In this Read more about Things You Need To Know About The Pokemon Sun And Moon Game[…]