Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Selection Guide

There is no doubt to say that Pokemon Characters are really impressive so it is quite obvious to get confused while doing your selection for a starter. Don’t blame yourself for being stuck at this point every time, it happens with almost every Pokemon Sun and Moon player. Picking up the right starter is always the hardest thing to do on this game platform.

This page is going to cover little information about Pokemon starter preferences. I must add the final selection actually depends upon your game strategy and the desired performance level.

Each one of these Pokemon Sun and Moon characters are having some unique abilities and features. Few are rated as grass type, others are fire type or can be hybrid; there are so many features that must be included in the list. But let us focus on three major selection points here.

Litten, Rawlet or Popplio – Which one suits as best starter on Pokemon Sun and Moon:

To get better details about this question, let us split the information into three different parts where each one of these characters can be discussed in detail. Although, you have to spend little time to read the information below but it could solve your problem of selection in future.

Water Type Starter – Popplio: Popplio

  • This character focuses more on special attacks and soon gets evolved into Parimarina.
  • This Parimarina can be used ahead to work like most stylish and sparkling Aria move. It has ability to heal most of the burns but at the same time can cause more damage to enemies. If you pair it up with another pokemon, it will definitely become a dreadful combination for your opponents.
  • It has a latest liquid voice capability. This character can easily convert all the sound based moves into water type moves.

Flying and Grass type Starter – Rawlet: Rawlet

  • It eventually progresses to become a Decidueye that can effectively perform like an all rounder.
  • Generally, Decidueye stays focused on physical attacks but it is well known for its ability to cause damage up to far distances. Most of its attacks are rated as non contacted attacks.
  • This character is well known for its two special moves: When working as a grass starter it can lead to Leafage- this move cause damage with a physical type attack. Another one is Spirit Shackle attack that works like a physical ghost attack and never allows targets to get an idea about battle.

Fire Type Starter – Litten: Litten

  • This character gains a dark type classification with time and looks like an Incineroar.
  • This powerful transformation can cause hard hitting physical attacks that are able to cause more damage.
  • Once Litten gets transformed into Incineroar, soon it becomes able to fight with powerful dark type moves.
  • The sound based move is well known characteristic of incineroar. It can easily break down enemy powers while leading to much interesting game play hours.

So, now you are able to get detailed information about all these powerful starters. Hope! It will be easier to pick the right starter for your fights ahead.

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