Pokemon Sun and Moon ROMS Leaked Online, Available for Download

Pokemon Sun and moon are the most popular upcoming video games which are developed by Game Freak and are published by Nintendo. These games are the first installments in the VIIth generation of the Pokémon game series. It is believed that Pokémon Sun and Moon will persists to riff on the winning scheme that has been already initiated movies, TV series and many more.

This game will release on the handheld 3DS which means that this is the completely fledged Pokémon on second number of the console has seen following Pokémon X&Y. Pokemon sun and moon release date in North America is November 18 2016 and November 23 in UK.


Pokemon Sun and Moon Online Leak

The game seems to have leaked online and roms of both pokemon sun/moon are available to be downloaded for free. Users can use citra emulator to run these roms and play the game on their PC. However, Nintendo have confirmed that it will start banning the users who are seen to be using the leaked roms. So it’s better to wait till release date and then start playing the games.

Sun and Moon legendary Pokemon

There are two legendary Pokémons that can be seen on the packaging of this game. These two plays an important role in the game. The two new legendary Pokemons are:

  1. Solgaleo
  2. Lunala

Lunala and Solgaleo both grasp a key to the adventure that is found in these types of highly projected games.

  • Solgaleo:
Named asSolgaleo
CategorySunne Pokémon
Weight507.1 lbs.
TypeSteel / Psychic
AbilityFull Metal Body


  • Solgaleo used in Pokemon Sun game and is referred with the admiration as the beast that devours the sun.
  • The body of Solgaleo have high energy and when light is on it shines.
  • It has an amazing similarity to the sun and consists of flowing mane.
  • Solgaleo is well known for its full metal body which no either Pokemon has ever had.
  • Sunsteel Strike is the signature move of Solgaleo, this move is basically an attack that charges the enemy with the speed of meteor and ignores the ability to target.


  • Lunala


Named asLunala
CategoryMoone Pokémon
Weight264.6 lbs.
AbilityShadow Shield
TypeGhost / Psychic


  • From ancient times, Lunala has been privileged as representative of the moon and refer as the beast that calls the moon.
  • It has an ability to soak up light and then convert it into energy.
  • Lunala absorbs the sunlight by spreading it swings and then glitter like the crescent moon. Signature step of Lunala is Moongeist Beam attack which releases threatening ray of light that low down the ability of the target.
  • It has the ability of Shadow Shield by which Pokémon will take little damage from an attack.


Pokemon sun and moon starters:-

There are few newbies announces for the Pokemon sun and moon game. There are some Pokemon sun and moon starters which have been introduced by the Nintendo. These are as following:


  • Rowlet
    The nature of Rowlet is very quiet as it files in the sky but has a powerful attacking power and uses sharp leaves like razor that are element of his plumage.


CategoryGrass Quill Pokemon
TypeFlying / Grass


  • Popplio
    Popplio has an ability to grunt the balloons which are made of water for attacking purpose.


CategorySea Lion Pokemon
Height1ft 4inch


  • Litten

Litten is well known for attacking in the variety of blazing hairballs as well as shedding fur in a flame slightly leaving it all in the sofa.


CategoryFire Cat Pokemon
Height1ft 4inch


Earlier, Nintendo said that there were 10 starters in Pokemon sun and moon game but there are however only three basic starters. Hence, fans from all around the world are eagerly waiting for this game to be released as this game will be the culmination of Pokémon’s 20th year of anniversary.


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