Pokemon Sun and Moon Game Features

Japan has released the seventh generation of the Pokemon series i.e. Pokemon sun and moon very soon celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokemon series.

About the game: In this new mini game, pokemon will be chucking into the open sea. As per the video, NPC will give offer to  Pokemon trainer that he will be paid if he throws Pyukumuku into the sea.  According to the game, if the pokemon Pyukumuku stuck itself it will die if it is not caught by the trainer or returned to the sea. According to the video , a trainer will be hired by one NPC to toss the many Pyukumuku on the beach  back into the sea. The trainer can earn some money while doing this task depending upon how many pokemons are thrown by him into the sea during a given time limit.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Features:-

  1. Nine languages – The Pokemon sun and moon game will be launched globally in nine languages overcoming the language barriers for pokemon trainers. Due to this feature, trainers can communicate with each other in a better way.
  2. Pokemon bank – It is an interesting feature that is provided by Company. According to this feature, Pokemons can be transferred from the original trio to sun and moon by player.
  3. Z-moves – The Z power is possessed by every pokemon so that he can make a special move and it can use one z-move for each fight. Like Pikachu has power of gigavolt havoc, Rowlet has Bloom Doom, Litten knows Inferno Overdrive etc. The two conditions for using z power are: firstly Pokemon should know a similar move as that of Z -crystal and secondly, it should hold the corresponding Z-crystal.
  4. New battle format – A new battle format is introduced called Battle Royal for Pokemon sun. As per this format four trainers battle at one time. The three Pokemons will be chosen by each player moving to the field at a time and if all three Pokemons of any trainer get fainted then game is over. The rank will be given to the remaining trainers.
  5. New Pokémon’s – Some new Pokemons are introduced in the Pokemon sun and moon For example Oricorio, a new bird Pokemon having four different styles and they are found on a different Alola island. Lurantis has a new power called Solar Blade.

The company is also thinking about releasing a free pokemon game.

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