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It has been two decades in 2016 when Pokemon was first released. Since then, it has not only remained a favorite character in the TV shows and movies, but has also remained the most treasured series in the field of games. On this 20th anniversary of Pokemon, the latest version of Pokemon series named as “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has been released. It has been said that this series is released on the request of Nintendo and it will be available for Nintendo 3DS device.

Download Pokemon Sun and Moon

The company is saying that Pokemon Sun and Moon will bring everything together. It will bring many regions and features from the previous Pokemon series which will not only give you the thrilling experience, but will also remind you your experience with the previous releases. As all the Pokemon games are grouped into generations, now it has come out with the latest 7th Generation. Each of these generations offers two or three games and the Pokemon series of the single generation feature same appearance of the main character and of the cartoons as well. But, in this VII generation, Pokemon is going to catch more scores for its appearance.

What’s more surprising about this release is that the Sun and Moon version of Pokemon is available in nine languages which are- Japanese, French, Italian, English, German, Korean, Spanish along with the traditional language i.e. Chinese.  Moreover, this game is going to be a boon for Nintendo which is tapping into the market with its release.

However, the Pokemon Sun and Moon has been announced to release in the Late 2016. And if you are Fan of Pokemon game series, then this time is going to be hard-pass for you. Though the game is going to release in November-December 2016, you must be eager to find the Pokemon Sun and Moon download link for enjoying this fantastic game and also, for celebrating its 20th anniversary. And, as we care about all Pokemon fans, we have good news for you which will just amaze you. The news is that the rom for downloading this game series has been leaked.

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Though there are many sites that claim to provide this link, but the download process is most easy and simple on our website where you are not required to complete any survey or fill any form. Also, you are not charged any money for downloading this fantastic game. It is totally free. So, what you are waiting for. Just click on our website and download “Pokemon Sun and Moon” to have the real thrilling experience.

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