Pokemon Sun and Moon Differences Spotted: Know Your Stuff

Here is one more pair of Pokemon gaming series that you can easily access from stores. Most of you might have download the game and started playing it but few are still confused about which one of these pairs must be installed first. That’s crazy! But if you really want to know, then let me highlight few differences below.

Things are actually pretty simple with minute set of differences that can help players to choose their platform with ease.

  1. Observe Those Cover Stars:

This is obviously the most common thing that you all might have observed and it helps you understand that these are two different platforms. And there is no doubt to say that this difference on cover forced you to think hard about what are the major variations inside both these platforms. If you observe the cover of Sun, then Solgaleo will be recognized from its box itself- the psychic/steel type legendary character whereas, on the other side, Moon contains Lunala on its cover- Ghost/psychic type character.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Differences

  1. The Time differences:

If we talk about the Sun platform then you might have observed that it follows time of your system over which you are playing the game. But, Moon stays 12 hours ahead then your set time. Means if, its 10 am on your system then Sun will follow whole game in day hours but Moon will be following 10 pm time schedule that reflects night on your platform. The Pokemon Sun players will be able to see sunlight in their game but Moon follows the darker schedule everywhere.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Differences

  1. Challenges over Islands:

The Stories on both these platforms are closely related and follow some concepts from older generations. You will not be able to find huge changes over game plots but yes! Few can be spotted on Island level challenges.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Differences

  1. The Exclusive Pokemon:

Although, you have already observed the major changes in terms of the legendary Pokemon Lunana and Solgaleo but the great news is that both these platforms have 18 exclusive sets of Pokemon. Few of these are classical Alolan forms of Pokemon whereas others are generated after transformations at different stages.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Differences

  1. Totem Pokemon difference:

As soon as you are able to reach the trial level, you will be able to meet a totem pokemon on both platforms. Although most of these may appear same but few are totally different from each other and till now most of players failed to catch them. Alolan Raticate is well known totem pokemon in the Moon first trail level whereas on the platform of Sun, Gumshoos is known as Totem pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Differences

These games don’t even show much deviation from each other, it is just about the appearance and nature of supported Pokemon. It won’t make any big difference when you select any of these platforms but your strategies to beat challenges at different stages are really important. It is time to get your favorite game fast and start playing it with all new adventures.

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