Know Your Game Characters – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon game series are often loaded with lots of interesting characters and the effect continuous here on Pokemon Sun and Moon platform. Once you get enrolled into this interesting game play, soon it will introduce you to so many lovely but adventurous characters.

Here is a small list for you containing details about some of the most popular characters:

The Protagonist:

The player characters of Pokemon Sun and Moon are well known as Protagonists. It is possible to customize them on the basis of your gender appearance. Once your character moves out of the Alola region immediately an interesting story will get introduced to your game. The adventure goes up to peak level with every next step.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Characters

Pokemon Sun and Moon Characters

Main Characters:

  • Hau is a smart loving young boy that is famous for its big appetite. His age use to be same as that of your character and it serves like major enemy of player. You will have to take so many challenges against him on the go but his real weakness is malasada that is a well known treat of Alola region.
  • Lillie is one of the most adventurous girls; you can often find her assisting her professor in various tasks. She is not interested to see pokemons fighting rather she loves to read lots of books.
  • Professor Kului is a famous professor of Alola region and he is going to live near your living space in this game. He is crazy to do research and will often take direct challenges from pokemon on the go. You will often observe him wearing a white coat and showing off work in his own unique style.

Best Trial Captains:

  • Ilima is a well recognized expert that works same like a normal pokemon. He has completed his graduation from Trainers’ school and students know him like an ideal character over there.
  • Lana is expert to handle water type pokemon. She lives in a well known city Konikoni at Akala Island and is very much dedicated to her family.
  • Kiawe can be used for handling fire type pokemon. you will be glad to know that this character have learnt impressive tradition dance steps and use to travel to different locations for his passion.\
  • Mallow is related to Grass type pokemon. This character of Pokemon Sun and Moon loves cooking and she is very particular about her taste. She lives in a family owned restaurant at Akala Island and will soon manage the whole business.
  • Sophocles can handle all electric type pokemon and he is well aware of the mechanics related facts. Although, he is little shy but he has invented so many machines till now.
  • Acerola is popular for her ability to handle ghost type pokemon. She holds personality of a beautiful young girl and loves to play with children and pokemon.
  • Mina owns ability to handle Fairy type pokemons. She is a early age artists and use to create lots of wonderful masterpieces time to time.


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