Discover Your Legendary Creatures: Pokemon Sun and Moon Game Trick

One of the most interesting tasks for Pokemon Sun and Moon players is to discover the legendary characters on their gaming platform. You might have seen so many impressive characters on game box but the secret is that the game itself contains more than that. Each one of these have unique abilities and special features- It is right time to know the best details about these legendary creatures.

Get idea to discover your Legendary Creatures:

  1. Lunala/Solgaleo:

The availability of any one of these character depends upon the version of game you are using. Solgaleo or Lunala appears naturally at thSolgalo and Lunalae end of Pokemon game story. Actually there is no special secret to get these characters in your game, all that you need to do is keep on playing your game. As soon as you will reach at Altar or the Moone or Altar of the Sunne on Poni Island, Cosmog will automatically transform into your first legendary Pokemon.


  1. Cosmog: Cosmog

When your game character becomes champion of Alola after completion of main story you will be
able to access your Cosmog character. Later it will get converted into Solgaleo or Lunala depending upon which version of game you are using. If you want to find cosmog, simply run to the Altar of Moone/Sunne and then get inside the portal whenever it opens as per your game version selection. Move to the top portion of this platform and soon you will receive your Cosmong.

  1. Zygarde: Zaygarde

While completing your journey via Alola, you will naturally evolve into Sina and Dexio. These are well known characters from Pokemon X and Y. These characters will soon provide you access to Zygarde Cube that can be further utilized for collection of Z-cores and Z-cells at Alola Islands.

  1. Tapu Koko:Topo Koko

Any player can challenge Tapu Koko- a well known guardian character at Melemele
Island by simply touching a statue that is accessible at the end of Ruins of Conflicts. Once you become a Pokemon League Champion then soon you will be able to fight against Topu Koko and if you win you can catch it. Defeated players can get another chance to challenge him.

  1. Tapu Lele: toko lele

Tapu Lele in Pokemon Sun and Moon acts like a Guardian character for Akala Island. You can challenge this powerful deity by simply touching the statue at the end of Ruins of life.

  1. Tapu Bulu:

He is guardian diety at Ula’ula Island and if you touch the statue at finishing point of Ruins of abundance then you will automatically fix a challenge against Tapu Bulu. If you want to reach there then prefer to get your path to Haina Desert.

  1. Tapu Fini: tapu_fini

Here is the Poni Island’s guardian deity that can be challenged by simply touching the statue at finishing point of Ruins of Hope.

  1. Necrozma: Necrozma

Once you have caught all your Ultra Beasts then Mr. Looker will help you to identify another Ultra Beast that keeps on flying above Melemele Island. It is your legendary pokemon Necrozma.

  1. Magearna: magearna

This mythical pokemon- well known by the name Magearna cannot be accessed directly. It can be unlocked only after your receive the QR code from pokemon company.

  1. Marshadow: Marshalow

It is the last but most interesting pokemon in current Pokedex. Although the company has not yet released any update about its presence but keep exploring your game and one day you will find this amazing character.

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