Date Olivia and Get 4 Heart Scales as Bonus

There is no doubt to say that Pokemon Sun and Moon game has lots of hidden secrets inside that even master players are not able to reveal fully till now. Yeah! Spend more time on this platform, maybe you will find something new and quite interesting. Recently, few crazy players discovered a new trick about one Grand Trial Mater of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Yeah! We are talking about that super hot woman: Olivia. Actually, there is a cut scene about Olivia in this gaming platform that players can access after doing few specific things. Once they are able to finish the quest with success then cut scene gets activated automatically.

The article below will help you to learn the trick to activate that cut scene for Olivia and soon you will be able to get 4 heart scales just for dating her. That’s a cool bonus Guys!

Finish your Grand Trial #2 by Olivia:

First of all, trainers are advised to complete their three island trails within the second Pokemon Sun and Moon Island: Akala Island. Once you are done with this, then move towards Lillie so that she can lead trainer towards Ruins of Hope. At this stage, you will be able to join a battle with Olivia. Note that she is second grand trial master and is specialized for dealing with Rock Pokemon.

It is important to know that all Pokemon of Olivia are from 26 to 27 level so if you want to stand against her then it is good to use higher level Pokemon to beat her powers. At least, one must ensure to have a Pokemon that can beat rock Pokemon in the fight. Once you are able to defeat Olivia then players will get their passports stamped and soon they will be allowed access to level 50 Pokemon as well as to Rockium Z.

Head to Konikoni City:

Now you need to move towards Konikoni city and search for Olivia’s house over there. You will find her house right next to the restaurant where she uses to date players. Enter the restaurant and meet receptionist over there. Trainers are advised to order special Z meat set but ensure that you have enough money to pay that bill for triggering the cut scene. If you perform every task correctly then Olivia will suddenly appear in front of the trainer and will start a conversation. She will soon join trainer’s table and will share the expensive food. You will have talk for few minutes and then Olivia will give you 4 heart scales just as a bonus for dating her. And you will be glad to know that she will also pay for the food in the restaurant. This is all about how players can date Olivia in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Quite interesting! So are you ready to join her on a dinner table? Or you want those 4 heart scales? Just get ready to perform this secret trick and you will definitely have fun.

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