Crazy Stuff about Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is awesome extension over Pokemon Go series that is why millions of players are downloading this game every day and enjoying long gaming hours. This latest, well-designed gaming platform allow users to visit the Alola Island- a lovely, lively place well known for beaches and of course lots of Pokemon. If you are still searching for some crazy things to know about Pokemon Sun and Moon platform then this article has lots of crazy stuff wrapped inside for you. Keep reading.

A Lady with Slowpoke:

Yeah, Slowpoke! It’s an amiable Pokemon and you will be glad to play with it in Pokemon Sun and Moon. But, in case if this adventurous creature somehow starts chasing you then a new story will be created! Actually, this feeling is well explained by that lady with slowpoke in this gaming series. You might have observed her shouting like: “Leave me alone, would you, Slowpoke?” I wonder how gamers make most out of this creature.

Nicest Soundtrack: Isn’t it?

When you enter this game, you will start feeling like you are living in Hawaii. The time when you enter inside, that lovely soundtrack coupled with margarita or wine definitely makes every player happy. Well, for a while, exclude those drinks and just focus on this lovely tune. Although, Pokemon series is well known for its awesome soundtracks and this one is of course not an exception.

Donald Trump in the Game: Haven’t you noticed yet?

Have you seen those Yungoos on Pokemon Sun and Moon platform; you will definitely find them like Donald Trump- the recently elected president of US. They have lots of similarities! Especially, notice their hair color- quite similar. Anyway, this is just a coincidence and Nintendo already stated that they don’t follow such intensions. It’s just a burst of bubble.

Dialogue Options are quite weird:

When you hear the word Weird that means Weird! Yeah! Most of these dialogue options in Pokemon Sun and Moon platform are quite weird and unexpected. Would you ever imagine them in real life; I mean they are things out of the world. Do you remember that dialogue: “Listen to their Whispers”! Very few of you might have given it the second thought but actually, it’s just a creepy thing to do. At least for me!

Anger management tool: Do you find it there?

Yeah! Sometimes games appear frustrating and you will find so many situations like that in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There are so many things that are made just to disappoint you but still, you are expected to perform better. In other words, you have to control all your anger and follow the track with patience and smile. Huh! That’s a tough thing to do with such a bunch of complications. But dude! You don’t have any other option.

So, are you playing Pokemon Sun and Moon? If not then it is the right time to rush to the store and get your game downloaded. You will find it interesting; full of fun and adventure.

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